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Achieving Leadership’s Purpose, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides leadership development and training skills to high school youth of the African Diaspora, preparing them for a lifetime of civic leadership and global awareness.

A Diaspora is the dispersion of an originally homogenous entity, such as a language or culture. When we speak of the African Diaspora, we are referring to the umbrella of cultures originating from Africa. These cultures frequently include African, African-American, Afro-Latino, Caribbean, and Caribbean-American.

In short, we take a cohort of dynamic African-Diasporan high school juniors and seniors and put them through a 12-24 month intensive civic leadership training model that forces them to critically analyze contemporary social and economic issues facing their community. Our model includes over 300 annual hours of training delivered though classroom lectures, book discussions, theme based retreats, and community engagement projects. Furthermore, they are placed in opportunities to practice learned leadership techniques and are assigned a leadership advisor (who is also an alumnus/a) to guide their career objectives. Over our 45+ year history, we have worked with a number of remarkable young people who have gone on to accomplish deep impact in their respective careers, primarily in the fields of education, government, domestic and international community affairs, social justice, and philanthropy.