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Achieving Leadership’s Purpose, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a nearly 50-year history of developing African diasporan high school youth for long-term civic leadership and impact.


The African Diaspora


A "diaspora" is the dispersion of an originally homogeneous entity, such as a language or culture. When we speak of the African diaspora, we are referring to the umbrella of cultures originating from Africa. These cultures frequently include African, African-American, Afro-Latino, Caribbean, and Caribbean-American.


Leadership Training Model Overview


Our training model assembles a cohort of dynamic African diasporan high school juniors and seniors and guides them through a 12 to 24-month intensive, civic leadership experience that requires them to critically analyze contemporary social and economic issues facing their community. Moreover, it involves over 300 annual hours of in-person commitment, delivered through 5 modules: classroom lectures, book discussions, theme-based retreats, college tours, and project-based community engagements. We align these activities with leadership coaches from our alumni network. Over our 45+ year history, we have worked with a number of remarkable young people who have gone on to accomplish deep impact in their respective careers.

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